The X in PlatemarkX

I am a printer and book artist creating art under the name PlatemarkX located in the rainy NW corner of Oregon. I studied printmaking in college and learned silkscreen, etching, and linoleum and wood block printing. After college I focused on silkscreen and linoleum block printing. I then discovered letterpress and promptly fell in love with it. It allowed me to print linoleum & wood blocks on a press along with type allowing me to create a more complex work. And I could make books! I started to experiment with the book form as more as a sculpture adding yet more dimension to my art. My work is more than just printing, it is the constant need to push the envelope of print, paper, and the book form and still tell my story.

This isn’t a blog. I don’t blog. I print. Check out the Portfolio page to view a selection of my work. The Shop page will send you to my Etsy shop where you can purchase my work. You can also see what I’m working on and any events happening on the news and events page. Feel free to follow me on tumblr (yes I know I should also be on instagram but I’m not so deal), twitter @platemarkx, or facebook (if that is your thing).

Print, Make Art, Tell a story

Plate mark \ n : the impression made by the edge of a plate under pressure on the paper while printing.

X \ n (slang): 1. extra – including anything and everything else in addition to  2. a kiss